Miamiko – yoga mats with unique artworks

Taking into consideration that we meet here, on our blog, you certainly have to be a connoisseur of beautiful things, and yoga must be an important part of your life. To deepen your interest in what we do, we would like to bring you closer to the way we create our unique yoga mats.

Unique art is essential

Miamiko is a brand dedicated to people who look for original solutions. We create yoga mats based on entirely original ideas and design each model in the comfort of our own studio.

The process of mat development takes up to several months, we deal with all the stages of work personally, taking care of every little detail. Firstly we think about and discuss the idea and then transfer it to the canvas.

Handmade projects and attention to detail

When the picture is ready, we proceed to the next step and photograph the canvas piece by piece. At this point, it is important to maintain the right resolution of the graphics. Afterward, with the help of a graphics program and the computer, we put all the pictures together.

Miamiko mats are made from the highest quality materials. Each of them consists of two layers: the first one is rubber and then there is a top layer (made of microfiber) on which we print the patterns. We use ecological watercolors for printing. The created mat is durable and designed to be used for years. It can be washed in the washing machine in case it gets dirty.

Ou yoga mats recommend themselves for long winter evenings and brisk mornings with yoga. Look at our store and see for yourself.