How to clean your yoga mat? + DIY

This is the question you ask us most often, so I decided to write a separate post about yoga mats maintenance. I will start with why it is worth to systematically clean your mat, I will tell you how to do it, and in the end, I will share with you a proven recipe for a home disinfection spray.

At Miamiko you can now find sprays for cleaning mats with the scent of lemongrass, lavender, and pine. You can buy them here: Yoga Mat Cleaners

Why you should care about the hygiene of your mat?

Unfortunately, yoga mats, even private ones, used only at home, can be a real home for bacteria. When used regularly, it is covered with bacteria, oils, and sweat. During a one-hour exercise session, you touch the mat with your face about 18 times on average. Cell phones and seats on the plane are less contaminated. What is important is the fact that we are not talking about stains, crumbs or dust. It's about types of contamination that directly contribute to the deterioration of your skin's condition and can lead to bacterial or fungal infections. Sounds terrible? Don't worry, there are a few simple ways to remedy this!

You can choose from several different methods, each of them will work depending on the level of contamination of the mat.

      1. Wiping – I recommend wiping the mat after each practice. A microfiber cloth and a little water or our spray for the mat, which you will learn about at the end of this entry, will be great for this. Just spray the mat over the entire length (with water or spray) and then wipe the excess with a cloth. Before you roll it, let it dry for a moment. Wiping the mat allows you to collect minor contaminants or sweat and refresh it before the next exercises.
      2. Hand wash – you can hand wash the mat manually in the tub or in the shower. Again, a cloth or sponge is useful – do not use sharp things that could damage the surface of the mat. A small amount of ordinary soap, shower lotion or water-based multifunctional cleaning product (with a good composition – the more natural, the better) will be just right. A mix, the recipe of which you will find at the end of the post, will also be great for washing. Just remember to unroll the mat afterward and let it dry completely.
      3. Washing in the washing machine – not all mats are machine washable, but with Miamiko mat you do not have to worry. Our yoga mats can be tossed in the washing machine, preferably the microfiber side facing outside. Choose the most delicate and shortest program, add a bit of cleaning products (just don’t add intensive detergents such as bleaches) and you’re done! Just like in the case of handwashing, let it dry well.

How often should you clean the yoga mat?

I personally recommend this solution: try to remember to wipe the mat after each practice, wash it by hand once every two weeks, and about once a month put it in the washing machine (only if you use Miamiko mat or know that your mat is machine washable).

What you SHOULD NOT do while washing the mat?

  • Never dry the mat directly in the sun – most mats suffer from it, dry out or crumble, and the colors of prints can fade.
  • Avoid dryers.
  • Do not roll it up when it’s not completely dry. It’s as if you threw a wet blouse into your suitcase and took it out a few days later – yuck!

DIY Home cleaning spray for yoga mats

You will need the following:

  • a bottle with an atomizer
  • distilled water
  • tea tree oil * + favorite essence
  • vinegar

Fill the bottle with the atomizer with distilled water. Add 2 tablespoons of vinegar, 10 drops of tea tree oil and 10 drops of the chosen fragrance – I chose orange oil. You can skip the second oil by adding more tea tree oil, but a combination of several oils gives a really pleasant aroma and aromatherapy experience. I especially recommend citrus scents (orange, grapefruit, lime) or lavender. Voilà! Use often and spray generously!


* Tea tree oil has the strongest antifungal and antibacterial effect. Perfectly disinfects and decontaminates.

** proportions per 100 ml

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